As I have already emphasised before, Practice is the key to success therefore I am here with another practice essay prompt for the viewers.

**Should Extreme views should be allowed to be given in a public platform?**

You know you can do it, just remain calm and practice and do not forget to post your answers so that we can help you and please also subscribe for regular updates.




Guys the LNAT is not as hard as everyone says, all that you require is three skills. >Critically think
>Analyse given information and pick out the correct one
> Present your views in a manner in which you give justice to both sides. And also it is very important to practice lots of past papers for which there is no specific book that you should buy, you can buy any book you want and the best and free thing to do is to read the comment section of a good quality newspaper and try to understand how the writer is giving justice to both views.

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A big secret that will help you suceed as it helped me too

Yes it is true, I am going to tell you about that one thing which is the only thing you will ever need to know for your LNAT essay…… Debate. What you have to do in the LNAT essay is Debate by which I mean, write an argument on two sides on the given topic. And the best part is that you can practice for the LNAT essay by reading on absurd issues like, ‘Should prisoners be allowed to vote or not’. And what I am going to do from now onwards is post a topic like this everyday for your practice. Another tip to succeed in the LNAT is you can do practice LSAT papers, even though the format is very different but you just need to learn to do MCQ’s and critically think.


Sorry for any typos, I am in a hurry

The newspaper is a greater treasure to the people than uncounted millions of gold

It is true that “A good newspaper is never nearly good enough”. It is of crucial importance, for a good law career, that one stays abreast with the current affairs both in their country and Internationally. However as I talk about the UK, I advise you, dear readers, to to read the Guardian Law section every day and then have a go at the rest of the news. Also for an interesting piece try to make your own notes regarding the read topics and if there is a mention of any law or strata then go online and read about it. Plus never forget to read the comment section of the telegraph, see how the authors build up an argument and support them with evidences, this will help you with the essay section, which look very tricky however they are very easy as the examiners only look for one skill which is how the students present an argument.



Sorry for an typos, am in a hurry


Ok guys, so if you have chosen to give the LNAT then you probably are looking up for LAW as a career and you wish to enter a reputable university in UK for the law course. Here are the following universities that require the LNAT test for many law related courses.

University of Birmingham
University of Bristol
Durham University
University of Glasgow
King’s College London
University of Nottingham
University of Oxford
Univesity College London

So my first tip is that, do a ton of research before choosing any of these universities because you will get an offer based on your academic performance plus the LNAT.  The LNAT is not an intimidating test, I would say it is very easy just requires a little work on critical thinking, for which I will help you.

Reason for this blog…..

Dear readers,

This is my very first blog and I am pretty much very excited for this. First to introduce myself, I am a 12th grade student and have just completed my school and waiting for my results so that I can go to my university. I have chosen to study Law and in 2015 I gave my LNAT, which is an entry requirement for mostly all good Law schools in UK (also I got admission into all my LNAT university, one of which is 3rd in the UK according to thecompleteuniversityguide). So…. the LNAT is a very crucial test which requires a lot of skills, and I know that there are not many resources available for help on LNAT. Therefore I have chosen to create this blog where I will be giving regular tips and tricks to prepare for the test.